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Aquaman Leak Detection: We guarantee our service. If we can’t locate your leak, there is no charge for the visit!
Customer Service at Aquaman is very important.  We know that without happy customers we would not have a job. We've been involved in swimming pool leak detection for the past 15+ years, and we're known for making our customers satisfied no matter what. If you have a leak in your swimming pool, spa, or foundation leak, and we cannot find it there's no charge! How many companies can make that promise?

We value you as our customer and know you are an integral part of the success of our business. We work really hard to make sure we meet your needs. When you call Aquaman Leak Detection to help you save water and to find the leak in your pool spa or fountain we do our best to gather information on the leak and to get you into our schedule as fast as we can.

Water Loss
When calling for service please have information regarding your water loss ready because that is one of the first question we will ask! If you don't have information regarding your water loss please visit our page about the bucket test or watch the how to video uploaded to our Facebook page. The service we provide and the job we do has a finite result to solve your water loss issue. Evaporation is a real thing that fluctuates throughout the year so please keep up to date with the evaporation rate in your backyard if you think you have a leak! Your neighbor's water loss in his/her pool may be different than your own. Some basic factors involved in the unique evaporation in your pool include the amount of sun exposure or shade over the pool, color of the pool, and the duration you run your pump everyday.

Company Integrity
Aquaman Leak Detection is a company of the highest integrity. This is why we pride ourselves on doing the best leak detection in the industry the first time out! It is very common that by the time we get a call multiple leaks are occurring in your pool or spa. Many times the leaks we find are an easy fix and we seal them up the same service. Some folk's pools unfortunately are in need of repair after we do a leak detection. After a leak detection is performed and you receive the diagnosis you have 30 days to get what is leaking fixed if we cannot seal or stop your leak on the same day of the service. We are transparent about different issues that may arise during a repair but our goal to help you and to save water comes first. We have done our best to come up with a FAQ page for the common questions folks have and rest some concerns and ease some stressors you may have.

If you think your pool or spa may have a leak, perform our “bucket test,” and call us at 877 220 8414 for the best pool leak detection! 

How much water are you losing from your leak?

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