How do I know that what you find is leaking?
We do our best to show you and fully explain what it is we find that is leaking. We are confident that you will visually see or hear what is leaking and understand how we found what is leaking and what is leaking.


Our pool is leaking but we cannot see any water ..it has to be under the concrete right?
Broken pipes underground are also not as common as folks think. We would guesstimate that maybe only 15% of the leaks we find are slab leaks. We have our success finding leaks taking a fine tooth comb checking everything along with our patented methods that make hard to find leaks more obvious.


Do you guys do the repair also?
Yes and No
Our first and foremost service is Leak Detection. We pride ourselves on doing the best job in this category. The truth is that an actual dignified repair to a leaking pool is not as necessary after a leak detection service as one might think. More than 50% of the time we are able to seal and stop the leak during our service and an actual repair is not necessary. A repair after our leak detection is done is necessary when we find a broken pipe under the slab or something structural in nature is going on that is causing your leak. If an actual repair is necessary we are happy to connect you with someone we know will do a great job.


Our spa is leaking...
If the spa is raised above the level of the pool your spa may not actually be "leaking." Water may be back flowing into the pool and a valve may need to be changed and not a leak detection done. The more important thing to note in this case would be the daily water loss from the pool (When the system is on and water pours over and spills into the pool water from the pool will be lost and the leak will show in the pool).


We have big cracks in our pool and our pool is leaking do we just need to re-plaster our pool?
NO, NO and NO again! Sometimes cracks are not leaking and even sometimes what you are seeing is just cracks in the plaster and not of the structural nature. Even if all the cracks were leaking it would NOT be recommended to re-plaster but first fix each crack so that they do not grow and open up in the future. Plastering over cracks that are leaking is like putting a band aid over something that needs stitches.


Do we need to be home for you guys to come out?
No, you do not. Please have all dogs inside and unless approved otherwise have the pool filled to the normal level. We understand folks like to be home when someone is providing a service at their home but people are busy and we work during the same time most people do. Our service is guaranteed and a detailed report will be provided after the service. Please inquire about payment options if you do not plan to be home.


What if our pool is still leaking after a leak detection is done?
If the amount of water loss after a leak detection is done and/or a repair is made to something that was leaking and a leak is still occurring in the 30 days following our service call we will return without charge if it is something that we missed. Sometimes if a pool has to be drained filling it back up can cause a leak. Occasionally this does happen and we kindly ask that you be patient. It is more common that multiple leaks exist by the time we get called to do a leak detection than just one leak. We keep this in mind when performing our thorough detection to get all leaks noted the first time! Please let us know. We are glad to help!


If you think your pool or spa may have a leak, perform our “bucket test,” and call us at 877 220 8414 for the best pool leak detection!